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Zahara Lilly Grace turns 6!! 22/02/2011

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I can not believe it is 6 years since we began our parenting journey…..and what a ride it has been with all the twists and turns of a good rollercoaster.

Zahara is such a funny girl, so individual and so sure of herself and her individuality. She is so very bright, testing her Mumma and her skills (or lack of) all the time. She loves to try all things, is able to give it her best shot and LOVES the fun in the adventure.

She is pure, she is kind, she is open.

I am so very lucky to have her in my life, a daughter of my own to have and hold (and cook and craft with!)

For her birthday she NEVER ceases to amaze me with her ideas…where they come from? Ha, I have no idea…I just fulfill the request.

This year was no diferent, she decided she wanted a ‘turtle’ party, and with the theme a party at the Turtle Water Park at the beach. She asked that we dress in turtle colours and requested that I sew her a turtle outfit, my brain went into overload, trying to think how I could make her a turtle outfit. Thankfully she refined her idea and asked for a turtle material skirt…..we found some Aboriginal dot painting material and EASY! done a skirt was made. For the cake we made her a cupcake turtle pull apart cake, it was a GREAT idea, no fuss when it came to cutting or equal shares!

At school the kids are allowed to celebrate their birthdays with their classmates, we decided in this weather, and more then likely a child having some form of alergy, we would take icy poles to share rather then cakes, it was a BIG hit!!

Like all good birthday parties, we followed up the party day with a family dinner the night of her ‘real’ birthday, with the request of pasta and garlic bread for dinner and a caramel slice.

happy birthday my sweet Zahara, thanks for choosing me as your Mumma, I am so thrilled you did



One Response to “Zahara Lilly Grace turns 6!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Happy Birthday Zahara! Looks like you had lots of fun!

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