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A new nephew to love and hold 24/06/2011

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Last Tuesday night I was so very excited to receive the news we have been holding our breath for…..Daniel’s sister and BIL had a beautiful little baby boy to love, hold and call their own.

Both R and J (my BIL and SIL) are so very special to us and have a wonderful love for our children that we are so thankful for. SO when baby Jude was born it was like my own sister was having her first baby, I was so thrilled!

We travelled down to the Gold Coast to visit them and have a look and sniff of little Jude.

It was so lovely to be there with them celebrating the miracle of Jude and the love of becoming a family. We also got to catch up with Granny and Poppy who made the trip north to see us, thanks!!! We all miss them terribly so it was so great to have some time together in the park.

love this little man, I so see Zahara in his features and Darcy in his colouring, my heart just melted!



New Vegetable/herb patch 07/06/2011

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I think the photos can do the talking here!

Let me just say it was the bestest fun ever, and I am so very excited!


Another new address, and outfits fit for a wedding! 24/05/2011

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We have moved! Phew….now to get settled, and the job begins. I hate moving, I HATE moving! it is a thing we seem to do way too often and although we have done it so often, I really am not good at it! Thankfully this time we had the support of my Mum, cleaning and packing, Dad and my brother chief furniture removals and my sister chief kid minder! I have no idea how we would have got through it without them!

I have to just say how much we are in love with our new pad, it’s just so beautiful and a really great family home. This weekend we are planning on installing the dishwasher (sigh of relief!) and new blinds, not to mention a number of other jobs we are so very excited about getting into!

We have been away the last 4 days visiting Daniel’s beautiful sister and BIL as my cousin was getting married on the coast. My SIL and BIL are expecting their 1st precious baby in 3 weeks and to say we are all excited is an understatement. They are going to be the best parents, if they are even half as good as what they are at being an Aunty and Uncle they will be super!

My SIL was so very generous and got almost our entire family (17 0f the possible 23 of us!) tickets to Movie World through her work. The kids were thrilled! As were Mumma and Dadda! We had the best time and once again Aunty and Uncle of the year came through and watched our 3 kids so Daniel and I could go on some adult sized rides, it was a BLAST! Something I know Zahara will remember forever.

So to share some photos also of our wedding outfits. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! It’s so refreshing to see simple, pure, innocent love. The love we all dream and desire to have! I got a great thrill out of sewing for the kids, I made Z’s dress, Darcy’s pants with cuffs and pockets! and Jarrahson’s pants with suspenders, so so so cute! My dress is courtousy of my sister who has style and told me right down to my shoes what to wear, even doing my hair for me (tar Dude!!)!


Happy Mother’s Day 08/05/2011

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Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I was woken after a sleep in (arrrr!!!) to little hands struggling to open the bedroom door and Daddy franticly saying “you got it? Can you do it?”

And in came my 3 little kids, a tray of breakfast, my Husband and a guitar! The kids were so very excited, especially Zahara. I got a beautiful Jasmine plant to plant in our new home. At our last house we had a beauitful Jasmine plant and one of my fondest memories of the house is cooking in the kitchen with our home grown produce and the smell of the Jasmine flowers scenting the air. I can still smell it now…..

The best present, apart from having my 3 little ones smother me in love, was the song that Daniel sang and played on the guitar for me, with Zahara’s help singing and Jarrahson ‘dancing’!!

We went to my sisters house for luch with her family and Mum and Dad, and my brother too, it was a very yummy lunch and a very relaxing afternoon. We then went to the beach for a stroll and a play at the park.

On the way home we grabbed dinner and…….my sister has been telling us about this ‘planking’ that is happening. It’s where people lay down in random places, take a photo of it and share it on facebook, it made Daniel (husband) and I laugh so much and we have been talking about it ever since.

So when we knew our BIL was going to be stuck in the LONG queue for  Mother’s Day we thought it was the perfect opportunity to plank and the result!

I tell you it took all my efforts not to pee my pants laughing, it was HILARIOUS!!! Nothing like a good giggle!

Oh on a side note I made Zahara a new pair of shorts last night……thoughts??


Susan Wall photo shoot 02/05/2011

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My little sister Susan Wall from Susan Wall Photography kindly offered to take some photos to showcase my sewing items.  And of course I JUMPED at the chance….have you NOT seen her work?? Seriously, I would be nuts not to!

So we headed off to her local hang out, a farm house that is in ruins (it made me so sad to see the house in ruins, it was someone home at some point in time). Zahara was busting to come and share the experience, and it was fun to just have some special time with her, isn’t she pretty!

So if you have not already done so you need to pop on over to my Facebook account and like me to see my full range of clothing items for sale!/pages/Smarty-pants/211992055486213

Here are some of the shots to view for you “anti-facebook” friends xxx


A general update 01/05/2011

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We have been so very crazy, fun busy and my nights have been filled with sewing so as a result I have not updated here for some time and a few important milestones have been acheived.

We so very enjoyed our Easter time, and although we had planned to move into our new house, it was a great opportunity to just sit back and spend some chill time together.

Easter was a lot of fun, we went to Nanna and Grandad’s for an Easter egg hunt, one egg was declared MIA, but Grandad found it a few days later in Nanna’s shoe!! Ha Ha!!!! The kids thought is was a blast.

We also took the opportunity to explore our region, as we have never really done so here. We headed to a local beach north of here, one of my friends favourite places to go, I can see why. The kids had a great time

Zahara had her first ANZAC Day march here in Bundy, she did it last year in Lawrence, it was so special. Her cousins joined her in the march, making it more memorible for her.

In all this family busy-ness I have been doing a lot of sewing getting things done for my ‘launch’ of kids clothing…..BUT took a moment out to do something for fun and for ME……new undies, I kid you not! and these are so terribly easy to make, and what’s the best thing….they fit!


Smarty Pants new products 24/04/2011

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I have been working on a number of items, trying them to see the outcomes and testing them for cuteness and market-ability.

So I am after more opinions on these products……

This is an example of an outfit in size 00 and a matching AIO. I am planning on sewing these up to size 1.

This is the ultimate ‘twirl skirt’ with a wide elastic band. This is one I made for Zahara, a size 5

I think she likes the twirl factor!

And here is my ‘market skirt’, again this is an example I made up for Zahara, size 5. I love the 2 layers on this skirt, so unique and pretty.

So what are you thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by, OH! and if you want to get in early and place an order just contact me lots of colour options available