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Smarty Pants Ring Slings 23/12/2011

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You have yourself a Smarty Pants Ring Sling… now what??

Well firstly put it in the wash, using a gentle cycle, your normal washing powder and some softener if Bubba is not allergic. Line dry

After hanging out for it to dry, pick your time wisely as to when to try it with baby, after all it is something you are new to and so is your baby, so do it after a nice sleep, or with a full belly (Mumma and Bubba that is!).

You might prefer to practice with a teddy or larger baby to start and get a feel of it yourself.


Step 1: place the sling over 1 shoulder with the “Smarty Pants” labelĀ facing out and just on your booby. Have the tail of the sling come over to your opposite hip, making sure their are no twists.

Step 2: Grab a fist full of the end of the sling

Step 3: pull through BOTH of the rings

Step 4: bring back the end of the sling through ONE of the rings, this is what enables you to pull and secure the material

Step 5: pull the material through to make it tighter around your body, leave enough space to put your baby in!

Step 5: grab your baby and place them inbetween the sling and you, either on your hip as shown or across your tummy for a younger baby

Step 7: pull the material wide across your baby, making sure it covers their back for full support and sits under their bottom and NOT across the legs, it will dig in.

In order to tighten the sling and have the baby securely against your body pull ofnthe ENTIRE sling tail, pulling through till it is quite firm. In order to get the top of the sling tighter pull on the top of the sling piece only.

Here is a front view of a younger baby across Mumma’s chest.

Be sure when you have finished that the shoulder is WIDE as possible to spread the weight. Be sure that the sling is not digging into baby’s legs.\

Now REMEMBER it takes time and practice, give yourself the opportunity to get to know the sling and after a little time you will be happily carrying your baby and getting things done that need to be done!

Any further questions please get in touch with me!


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