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Going, going, gone! 18/08/2011

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On Tuesday’s my Dad delivers our fruit and vegies (I know I am so so SO lucky, spoilt perhaps?), the 3 families buy in bulk to save $ and divide it up.
Well last Tuesday Dad walked in with bags full of fruit and vegies and said “Sand, where’s your tape measure and pen and paper?”
I asked “why?”. I thought we had our renovations all sorted and was unsure of what we had to measure and nut out.
Dad went out the back to what we call our “scout” hall and started to measure. estimating the amount of timber we have in it and how much we could sell it off for.
And with that……a seed was planted and hammers were swinging! Dad worked with the help of my brother on Thursday and Friday and then Daniel and Dad worked like trogans over the weekend with the goal to have it at least half done, lttle did they know that they would get it down to stumps only!

We now have so much more back yard, I got a bobcat in to remove the stumps and put a few loads of soil down to level out the ground….

NOW! to use the funds (when we sell off the timber that is! Don’t get too excited Sandra!) to renovate another area of the house….I say bathroom!




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