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A safe place to fall, our beautiful home 12/08/2011

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I am so very much in love with our house, our home!

We have owned 2 houses previous to this one and as much as I do love our Lawrence house, more so it’s location and the town, this house is by far the house of my dreams. It has so much more potential and I feel really connected to it already.

I have always wanted to live in this area of Bundaberg, it’s close to town and the bigger shops on the West side, but it’s tucked away on a wide street with larger then town size blocks.

So when we started looking around for a property I instantly fell in love. And the fact that I can walk Zahara to her school, the school I did majority of my teaching prior to ‘retirement’ makes me feel so very content. Daniel can also ride his bike to work. It’s a lifestyle choice!

So for a tour of our home, and our intentions as to what we have planned to do to make it even more ‘us’

I actually need to update this one as this is ‘in progress’ when my Dad was painting, it’s now all finished!

This is as you enter our home, it’s currently the sewing room, hence the mess! And the kids love to spread their toys out across this room too, it’s the old sunroom.

Our intention is to moove the front door to the middle of the house, so that you enter into the hallway and also allowing us to close off this area and turn it inot Darcy’s room. Therefore having a 4 bedroom and office selling point (NOT! that I am planning on that!)

This is Daniel’s office area, at the moment a Bunnings table! is in use, I am searcing for the ‘right’ table to put in here, I have got my hands on an amazing map of Australia, like the ones that used to be hung in classrooms and am using these colours as a base, and IKEA office furniture I thinks!

From the office is our hallway, how beautiful is this spot! This is where our front door will be eventually and we are hoping to be able to use the leadlighting window in the door, it’s so beautiful!

The first room off the hallway is our bedroom, a beautiful bay window is the main feature in our room, not to mention the high ceilings and cute windows, but they are throughout the house!

At the moment Darcy is sharing our room, he’s WAY too little to be in his own room, thinking he always will be! So considering we have all his belongings and we are still spacious shows the size of the room, love old houses for their space.

In our room we are just needing to paint, especially the wardrobe, one negative I can think of having an older home, the lack of storage.

I have 2 vintage chairs and a matching lamp waiting to go into our room when Darcy moves out, they are so so SO lovely!

This picture shows you the sequence of rooms, next to our room is Zahara’s room!

I am not going to show you the full room as I have resided to the fact that it is never going to be a tidy room, she is just so creative and busy that (like her Mumma) when she is crafting, she makes mess and I am happy as long as I can vaccuum, the rest I just look over.

I have worked hard on getting the elements of her room right, and I am happy with how it looks, am just busting now to get a paint brush onto those walls! I am going an off white and a lavender trim, only the picture rail up high to try and get the eye to look up to appreciate the full height of those ceilings!

At the end of the house is our dining room, these window are beautiful but at the moment they open to an enclosed back area ( shown later). I do dream of having these windows replaced with bi-fold doors onto a big timber deck…..a dream that I might make reality, hopefully!

I have a great spot to show my favourite old school desk with a new old sewing machine Daniel actually sourced for me, bless his cotton socks! I have a few of these collected…..need I say more?

The main feature of the central living rooms, apart from the ornate ceilings and DELICIOUS lights are these central fret (is that right?) features, I love them to bits, Daniel always threatens to knock them down, pain in the butt!

This is the lounge room and the big glass sliding door leads to Jarrahson’s room

Our kitchen is a generous size and heaps of cupboards, almost unheard of in older homes. We have decided to eventually polish the floors and I have hopes of putting in a new sink area, too complex to explain, but it will make the dishwasher (installed by my clever Husband and Dad) and *new* oven look less awkard.My little collectables look so much more fitting in older homes, funnily enoug. I have organised them better since this photo was taken, inspired by “The Renovators!”

And this is our funky little pantry, ALWAYS stocked to the max! I did hint to Daniel we could squeeze a small child in this space! He he ah!

Now the bathroom is the top of the list for a makeover, and I won’t explain it all as that’s a post within intself! But we have it all planned, just waiting for our demolision to be complete first for more time to dedicate to it! BUT I am very Very excited to say the least. I will be getting my DREAM bathroom in my dream house, I am so so very lucky.

ARGH it is a special kind of ugly! I have spray painted the mirror silver and it lifted it, but the surrounds are not good at all! I actually call this space “vomit on a plate”, much to my Mum’s discust!

Well that’s the inside of my beautiful home, thanks for touring with me, I will have to share the outside, and of course share the changes along the way! So SO exciting



2 Responses to “A safe place to fall, our beautiful home”

  1. Nina Dunn Says:

    I just love love love your new home Sandra! The bay window in your bedroom is divine, oh this is my type of house. Wonderful!! Glad you have found a beautiful space to call home. xo

  2. Deanne Says:

    Great being able to see your house, it looks like it has great potential! Love the window seat!

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