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A space themed 3rd birthday party 27/07/2011

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Do all kids birthday’s go for days on end or just ours?
We backed up the family celebrations with a party in the park on Sunday. I have to say that as we get used to celebrating our little ones birthday’s I am getting better at doing it simple, but still effective.

Jarrahson requested another rocket cake this time so we went with the space theme, not overly popular here in Australia! But still we just added a few simple touches to make it come together.

I simply went to Spotlight and got some star print material and made it the table cloth. We made some other space themed foods, including shortbread biscuits.


The kids had a wonderful time at our newest local park here, hard to believe it was TOTALLY under water in the floods 6 months ago, what a great job the Lions have done, we are certainly thankful!

This is little Miss Macey, we met her and her family when we moved here and were renting a house across the road. I made this outfit for her 1st birthday present, does she not carry it off well!

Darcy boy loved the sunshine and a little bark was digested, YUM! Look at his little shoes, so so cute, THANKS Aunty Sue-Sue.

There was great anticipation around the cake, so very cute to see them all keen!


Overall we had a lovely time and I know Jarrahson felt very loved. Thanks to his special friends and family for helping us create memories.

* I made Jarrahson a birthday outfit his shorts and a sewn number ‘3’ on his shirt to make him feel more the birthday boy, the result….a happy chappy and a big sister wanting to create another tradition, age numbers on shirts for birthdays! New Mumma made outfits just aren’t enough now! Cute thing


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  1. Deanne Says:

    looks like lots of fun!

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