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Jarrahson turns 3!! 22/07/2011

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I can not quite believe that our little man is now 3….where did that time go and why does it have to go so very fast?

We have a few Reeves family traditions and we love them, it make us a unique little family and we hope to create memories that will stay with our kids forever. One of those traditions is to hang our birthday banner, the night before the celebration and to hang it here, in our new home was just so very warming and the kids all got so very excited, anticipating what was to come tomorrow!

And how beauiful does it look!

Another tradition is to all look through the birthday cake books and have the birthday person choose their cake. Mumma crosses her fingers for an easy one! It was so warming to look through the book and discuss the ones we have done and for what occassion. Jarrahson made his decision excitedly and off to sleep for the kids.

The next morning I woke to Jarrahson throwing the cook books in my face wanting to cook his cake! Lucky it was his birthday! And he’s cute!

Dadda went to work at 6am so we decided to wait to the afternoon to give our presents, but when Dadda popped back home on his way from a seminar Jarrashon was so excited to open a present from Grangy (Granny) and Poppy!


After school drop off we got busy creating the requested cake, it was so much fun and J was so very excited, I love how exciting these things are to a 3 year old!

We went out for a birthday lunch and a crown was fit to wear…..a new tradition we are starting, I am making each child a crown on their birthdays, starting with Jarrahson.

Dadda came home from work early and we went up to the donut shop for afternoon treat with Zahara being able to share it with us, we let the kids choose anything they wanted YUCK!! They chose exactly what I would say no to!

Even Darcy got to celebrate!

For dinner we had family over and OH! the presents, our children have no needs, lucky kids!
A John Deere (of course!) cooking utensils, gardening tools and a wooden train set from Mumma, Dadda, Sister and Bubba! Lucky man

Then it was cake time……the BIG moment, and how happy was the little man with the outcome! Not sure of it was the cake or the ‘rocket fire’ he was more impressed with!

To our beautiful little Brother, thank you so much for being the delicious little man you are. Thank you for being part of our lives and for the laughs you bring to our family,

We all love you dearly



One Response to “Jarrahson turns 3!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Oh, my goodness I can’t believe he is three!
    Happy Birthday Jarrahson!

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