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Rounding up our school holidays 12/07/2011

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Well today Zahara returned to school and my heart was so very sad. Once we got over the first few days of the kids adjusting to one another (fighting!) we had the most wonderful time together, playing, learning and just being!
The 2nd week of holidays brought with it more simple activities, and the holiday ‘wish list’ being acheived.
We went to the local “zoo park” for a picinic and to see the special visitors from “old McDonalds farm”.
A visit to a Op-shop with some savings to spend, kids love LOVE the op shop, so cute (so proud!).
We had a surprise visit from family, LOVE a surprise! The kids had a great time and Zahara and Jarrahson have asked to visit them every day since they left.

We rounded off the week with an afternoon visit to my very beautiful friends house and our Zahara had the most free-spirited time, it was beautiful to see and share.
On the weekend Dadda had to work on and off at the local airport (random!) so we worked around this with friend visits and as I said Zahara had a holiday wish list which included a visit to the local Lavender farm, cute little pumpkin!


2 Responses to “Rounding up our school holidays”

  1. Deanne Says:

    looks like a great holiday, pity they always have to end!

  2. Bre Says:

    Oh your holidays sound like they were fabulous!! Sadly, with Mick being in hospitality, our school holidays arent always our actual holidays as Daddy is busy feeding all the other holidaying folk! We did manage to ditch school for a week and immerse ourselves in Brooms Head before school finished which were a bonus 🙂 Though after 3 boisterous boys by myself most of the time with crappy weather, Im not oh-so-sad to see the end off this break.. though regular Girls Nights with Giane and Sue are taking the edge off 😛

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