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holidays!!! 04/07/2011

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I so so so SO love the school holidays. Sure their are more fights, more needs to be met, and generally more of everything. More time, more fun, more adventures, more love, more memories!
Zahara has just started her second week of school holidays and to date we have had lots of fun, done a few special things, mostly just hung out, crafted, chatted and played.
I love to watch the dynamic of the house change with a sister around. She is so patient, especially with a little brother who has big demands!
Daddy-o took Friday off work so we have had an extra long weekend, lots acheived, and lots of fun adventuring around getting to know our new/old home town all over again. The weather has been perfect for trips to the park and beaches.
Her’s some photos to share, oh! and sorry to my NSW friends and family who are feeling the cold, as you can see the temps here are just devine…..devine!


One Response to “holidays!!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    we have just started our holidays this week, lots of painting planned here. Glad you are having fun with your little ones!

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