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Another new address, and outfits fit for a wedding! 24/05/2011

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We have moved! Phew….now to get settled, and the job begins. I hate moving, I HATE moving! it is a thing we seem to do way too often and although we have done it so often, I really am not good at it! Thankfully this time we had the support of my Mum, cleaning and packing, Dad and my brother chief furniture removals and my sister chief kid minder! I have no idea how we would have got through it without them!

I have to just say how much we are in love with our new pad, it’s just so beautiful and a really great family home. This weekend we are planning on installing the dishwasher (sigh of relief!) and new blinds, not to mention a number of other jobs we are so very excited about getting into!

We have been away the last 4 days visiting Daniel’s beautiful sister and BIL as my cousin was getting married on the coast. My SIL and BIL are expecting their 1st precious baby in 3 weeks and to say we are all excited is an understatement. They are going to be the best parents, if they are even half as good as what they are at being an Aunty and Uncle they will be super!

My SIL was so very generous and got almost our entire family (17 0f the possible 23 of us!) tickets to Movie World through her work. The kids were thrilled! As were Mumma and Dadda! We had the best time and once again Aunty and Uncle of the year came through and watched our 3 kids so Daniel and I could go on some adult sized rides, it was a BLAST! Something I know Zahara will remember forever.

So to share some photos also of our wedding outfits. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! It’s so refreshing to see simple, pure, innocent love. The love we all dream and desire to have! I got a great thrill out of sewing for the kids, I made Z’s dress, Darcy’s pants with cuffs and pockets! and Jarrahson’s pants with suspenders, so so so cute! My dress is courtousy of my sister who has style and told me right down to my shoes what to wear, even doing my hair for me (tar Dude!!)!


One Response to “Another new address, and outfits fit for a wedding!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Great outfits!
    We are off to Movie World next Tuesday to celebrate Noah’s 9th Birthday!

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