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A general update 01/05/2011

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We have been so very crazy, fun busy and my nights have been filled with sewing so as a result I have not updated here for some time and a few important milestones have been acheived.

We so very enjoyed our Easter time, and although we had planned to move into our new house, it was a great opportunity to just sit back and spend some chill time together.

Easter was a lot of fun, we went to Nanna and Grandad’s for an Easter egg hunt, one egg was declared MIA, but Grandad found it a few days later in Nanna’s shoe!! Ha Ha!!!! The kids thought is was a blast.

We also took the opportunity to explore our region, as we have never really done so here. We headed to a local beach north of here, one of my friends favourite places to go, I can see why. The kids had a great time

Zahara had her first ANZAC Day march here in Bundy, she did it last year in Lawrence, it was so special. Her cousins joined her in the march, making it more memorible for her.

In all this family busy-ness I have been doing a lot of sewing getting things done for my ‘launch’ of kids clothing…..BUT took a moment out to do something for fun and for ME……new undies, I kid you not! and these are so terribly easy to make, and what’s the best thing….they fit!


One Response to “A general update”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Darcy and Jarrahson are looking so grown up!!!

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