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Smarty Pants new products 24/04/2011

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I have been working on a number of items, trying them to see the outcomes and testing them for cuteness and market-ability.

So I am after more opinions on these products……

This is an example of an outfit in size 00 and a matching AIO. I am planning on sewing these up to size 1.

This is the ultimate ‘twirl skirt’ with a wide elastic band. This is one I made for Zahara, a size 5

I think she likes the twirl factor!

And here is my ‘market skirt’, again this is an example I made up for Zahara, size 5. I love the 2 layers on this skirt, so unique and pretty.

So what are you thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by, OH! and if you want to get in early and place an order just contact me lots of colour options available


3 Responses to “Smarty Pants new products”

  1. Cheesey Says:

    LOVE LOVE that green striped market skirt. You are so creative!

  2. Deanne Says:

    They all look cute!

  3. Becka Says:

    love them!

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