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“Smarty Pants” is going market again 13/04/2011

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Well after quite some time off I have decided I am going to get back into the markets and sell some things……slings still, but have decided not to go on with the cloth nappies, not the ‘right’ cliental here I believe??

No, instead with the guidance and support of my Ma I am going to try to sell cute, simple, unique clothing line….for newvorn to size 4 (at this stage at least), I will guage the ‘audience’ and see how this fits.

So I am after some feedback…….what do you think?

And if you are brave enough to give me feedback (thanks!) what would you expect to pay for them?



7 Responses to ““Smarty Pants” is going market again”

  1. Laura O'Neill Says:

    Hello me again lol!! Sandra they are super cute, think its great what you will be doing!! if i had the talent to be able to make things i would be sewing my little bum off with the little time i have lol!! can’t wait to see what you will make for the older kids, size 4 and size 5 lol!! i have no idea really how much they would be but i would say for me personally between $20 to $25 a set!! i’m sorry if i’m way off lol but some of the sites on facebook here are wayyyyy over priced in some of there stuff, beautiful stuff tho and probably alot of time must go into them!! Anyways i’m going to stop typing now and get to bed before little man wakes for another feed!! ohhh did you get my message about the cloth nappies would really appreciate it lol!! tell me abit about them are they AIO’s pocket nappies one size so on! Only if your interested lol no pressure!! talk soonxxx

  2. Becka Says:

    ohhh too sweet. love them.
    I’d say around $25 to $30, but as long as that made a decent profit 🙂

  3. Becka Says:

    also bummer about the mcns though! if you are into taking any custom orders, let me know? I use fitted nappies now

  4. Deanne Says:

    these are gorgeous, well done- no idea about price, some markets do better with a cheaper product, but at others people might expect to pay more for quality- so I suppose it depends on your area

  5. mysmartypants Says:

    Thanks all I totally agree Deanne, I am not too sure on how to price them as I am not to familiar with the Bundy cliental here now. I was going to say $15-20, have to figure out the margin to make sure it’s all worth my while though.
    Keep in touch all as I am hoping to get some little dresses done soon, also little men things!

  6. Nutcase Says:

    super cute!!

  7. Bre Says:

    Good price range Sandra, I have seen alot of these around on the internet lately and some have just started being sold down at Yamba Markets 🙂 But some are terribly overpriced, I cant imagine paying $25 for a short sleeve jumpsuit like some are asking!
    They are adorable, I will be getting some for G when she pops her bubby out!

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