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living frugal 11/04/2011

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I have picked up a book from the local library entitled “minimising your cabon footprint” and I was surprised to see how a lot of things we can live without are the things that actually add to our effect on the earth.

With this in mind I have started to read a lot more about “frugal Living” and how to make the most of what we have around us and not waste, I HATE waste!! More so I hate excessiveness that seems to have taken over our society.

I believe we, my little family, live a ‘basic’ life, I am real though and know their are areas in which we can improve, and I am planning on working on these, getting a new debt in the form of a 30 year house loan will help with this I am sure!!!

I found this and thought I would share:

Sums it up really!


2 Responses to “living frugal”

  1. Giane Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Now that I have to stop work, we have to embark on the frugal living journey, any great tips would be appreciated. p.s. love your blog and I hope your beautiful family are all well and happy xox

    • mysmartypants Says:

      Hi there Giane! I would strongly suggest you are living frugal without even knowing! Has someone taken over your work load for you? Good on you for putting your little bundle first, making a new human needs all our time and energy!

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