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Sew busy and excited!! 08/04/2011

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So last weekend, no the one before we went away for our long planned weekend at the coast, we had to change the date a few times as we had visitors or other comittments cropped up, so when we FINALLY booked out accomodation I was so looking forward to a mini-break, or first in a long time.

We stayed at Caloundra, such a friendly, family, familiar place to us we knew we just couldn’t go wrong. We have stayed in ALMOST every unit on the esplanade, we like to stay in different places each time….more exciting. But the place we stayed this time was so lovely, in a great walking spot, and we just had the nicest time, relaxing and fun

We very excitedly got to catch up with Daniel’s sister and her 4 little ones on the way home, our kids all belong, it’s amazing to see them not only looking similiar to one another, but the bond that they have and how they just get right into it and start playing like it wasn’t 9 mths since they last saw one another.

I am really excited to have my sewing back into my life and am LOVING the outcome, the feeling of having acheived something other then washing and cleaning that never lasts more then a moment!

Zahara saw a singlet with an owl on it at the Sunshine COast and really liked it, me too, but at $20 I knew I could do it easy! And added a matching skirt for some more love.

Every winter I make Zahara a new dress, this pattern I have used before, it just fits so cute and looks great with leggings and a skivvy.

And then Jarrahson requested a guitar singlet, with Daddy learning to play the guitar he LOVES all things daddy so therefore, the guitar.

And little Darce, how could I not sew for his little chubby legs! He is ever so delicious…..


One Response to “Sew busy and excited!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Some great sewing projects- I need to get back into some sewing it has been too long!

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