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We bought a new place to call home!!! 26/03/2011

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We have been eying this house off since we moved back to Bundy, but it was about $30000 above our budget, I so so fell in love with it and really was hopeful that things would pan out….and they have! With a little moving of the front door and some walls moved too we will have 4 bedrooms and an office. It should settle the day before the Easter break and we are hoping to polish all the floors over these few days off! I LOVE polished floors, so clean, fresh and grand! I just can’t wait to get into it and make it into the beautiful swan it deserves to be, it has soooo much potential.
The GREATEST thing about the house is that it is 500 metres to Z’s school so I can walk the kids there and also not have to get Darcy and Jarrahson in and out of the car, at the moment, I am leaving 1/2 hr before school drop off and pick up to allow for slow little 2 year old legs! Once Darcy is big enough I will be able to ride to school and then continue on with a bigger bike ride and get some great exercise done! Now to work on the Economic Develop Officer at the council to get better footpaths around the area!!! Hehe he!!!!
I have gone into a sewing tizz (mainly mentally, not too much time has been available!) and can not wait to get into creating for this house, so exciting.
And I am guaranteed that as long as we live in Bundy it will be our home…I HATE!!! moving, but it is something we seem to do all the time!
So what do you think???? Will you come visit us there???


2 Responses to “We bought a new place to call home!!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Congratulations- looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see what you do with the place!!!!!!

  2. Becka Says:

    oh its lovely! same, can’t wait to see how you add your homey touches!

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