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Darcy boy is 6mths old!!! 17/03/2011

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Can you believe it? We certainly can not, our littliest baby is half way to 1….WHY do they have to grow up, and grow up so fast??

At 6mths old I can say that Darcy is the most delicious baby, he is such a part of our family, it is like he has been with us forever, he thinks so at least!

Susan (hi!!), mt sister, started a little tradition with Miranda, her eldest, of having a 1/2 birthday celebration and we stole the tradition for your kids, it is after all a great achievement, for Mum and bub!

Here is Darcy boy on his 1/2 birthday……


2 Responses to “Darcy boy is 6mths old!!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    They grow up so fast, hard to believe that he is 6 months old!

  2. Becka Says:

    he is simply scrumptious! time has flown.

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