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Busy Reeves’ 07/03/2011

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As per all families we are a busy little unit! Although renting in comparison to owning our own home has given us more ‘free time’ over the weekends as we are not renovating/planting or removing plants and all those homely things you do when the property is your own. Having said that we are busy sifting through the paper and looking for a house to buy, we believe we have found one, now we have to wait till Daniel is off his probation at work to get the home loan…..if it’s meant to be it’ll still be on the market if not (honestly we will be shattered!!) there must be something better out their for us.

Last weekend we had our first visitors, Aunty Wrossie and Uncle John, and their baby bump!! We were all so excited about them coming, Jarrahson reminded us at least twice a day “after Wrharie (Zahara’s) birthday Wrossie and John are coming to sleep over!”

We took them on a tour around the town, showing them the sights and delights, I must say it is an odd feeling to have your Husband knowing more about your own home town! He informed me of a lot of new things! We went to the turtle park, had a delicious meal out at our favourite restaurant and took them to the Zoo Park, where my Grandad always took us as kids, so special. We sat up late chatting, as we always do, and really just loved haing them here with us!

 After they left I was putting Darcy to bed and realised the house was quiet, you know that feeling oh NO what are the kids up to! I scanned the house and could not see them and then…..

They know how to make a Mumma proud! Aren’t they CUTE!

So what is news for you? I am not sure who reads this, if anyone *apart from Deanne, Susan and Philippa!!* SO please leave a comment telling me your adventures and then I will know who is reading THANKS


2 Responses to “Busy Reeves’”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Sounds like fun! Hope the house comes through for you! Do you read my blog? Leave a comment sometime!

  2. Nina Says:

    Hi Sandra! I still read every now and then of your adventures, how wonderful you have a new house, it looks gorgeous and I hope it all works out for you guys! I hope your’e also settling well back into Bundy, your children are so beautiful. I would love to catch up one of these days, and meet your latest treasure Darcy, its been ages!

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