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Mr. Reeves said…… 10/02/2011

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We have a new joke in our house and we say “Mr. Reeves said…” When Daniel got his new job I knew his face would be plastered over all forms of media, and I was right……he has featured a few times in the local paper, on TV and has been rather busy of late! And so so very happy with the big career change. We are all very proud of him and his hard work to get to this point, it’s really such a recognition, all those late meetings, study and just being a happy, well liked person has come through. I will keep you posted with his famous quotes as his career continues to grow! LOL!!!

As for the rest of our little NON-famous family, everything is going well.

Zahara is settling into school, and making the most of the extra opportunities that are coming her way. She is doing multi-sports after school on Fridays, it’s run by the school and it takes the younger kids through a range of sports to give them the opportunity to then go on and select a sport they might like to be part of outside of the school community. She is making friends and feels a little more settled into the new routine……

Jarrahson is missing Zahara, but at the same time enjoying the freedom of not having to sharing his toys and being told what to do! We have had a lot of fun building motorbikes out of Lego, making ‘cities’ with blocks and a little baking. I am hoping to get him along to a playgroup/music lesson now I am settling in more myself.

Now little Darcy boy…..OH! he is so very delicious! He is really starting to be a little person now, and the kids are just LOVING him to bits, and he them. The interactions are so amazing to watch. They all own and love one another. A few weekends back Susan invited us over to have a quick little photo shoot, and the results (not surprisingly) were CUTE CUTE photos……it was fun and so priceless to capture our growing kiddies. Here’s a few to share


2 Responses to “Mr. Reeves said……”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Great photos, glad all is well!

  2. Susan Wall Says:

    These guys are the cutest!!
    We love seeing Daniel all over the place…it’s nice to know someone famous 😉

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