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Zahara starts her new school! 24/01/2011

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Well the day has finally arrived, the day Zahara has been counting down to for weeks now! The first day of Year 1, the first day at St Patrick’s Catholic School. And how exciting it is (for her) and nerve-wracking (for Mumma and Dadda) at the same time.

When we found out Daniel got the council job here in Bundy and we were going to be moving me immediate concern was for getting Zahara a lovely school, the problem is that her school in Lawrence was just the best of the best andit’s hard to top it!

So we decided on St. Pat’s, the school where I did the majority of me teaching prior to Zahara’s arrival, the school where I felt she would get the best education, in a loving environment. And BEST of all she has Miss Cath, a teacher I had the pleasure of teaching with a few years ago and she is BRILLANT!!

This morning her breakfast was gobbled, teeth cleaned and bag packed without too much sooking from Mum! And when we arrived at school there was her Nanna, Grandad, Aunty Sue-sue and Uncle Don all waiting to share this special day with her…….I got goosebumps, as it’s a BIG day for me too!

Here are some photos of her……do they have to keep growing up?

My concern now lies with the fact that she completed Yr 1 work at Lawrence……hope she doesn’t get bored!!


One Response to “Zahara starts her new school!”

  1. Susan Wall Says:

    Awww, Aunty Sue-Sue is so super proud of this wonderful little girl. Zahara is going to show us QLD’ers how she is so very clever!
    It was a dream come true today to share this with you all x

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