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trying to get back into BLOGGING!! 18/01/2011

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We have moved back to my home town, in QLD and am trying to find the time to blog for those friends and family members we have now moved away from and will not get to see as often as we used to. To keep updated with the kids, as they grow EVER too fast and to share our lives with you from a distance……hope you can come along for the ride……hope I can find the time to keep it updated for you

Daniel started his new job yesterday, and as we have done so since we got together I took a photo of him on this momentous day… included! He is so very happy with this career change and was counting down the days till he started, and a successful 1st day was had. He got his new mobile and a miniture travel laptop…..lucky boy!

Another person counting down the days and getting so very excited is Zahara….she was so thrilled to try on her new uniform, complete with new bag and shoes, she looks so much more like her cousins here as they go to St Patrick’s school to so I am used to seeing them in this uniform

Our last 2 weeks since arriving here in Bundy have been very busy, catching up with friends and family/settling into our house and getting reaquanted with the good old Bundy town. In between this we have had time to just chill-ax and play!

So now with less then a week to go back to school I am trying to get some sort of new pattern happening with the kids in preperation for the start of another school year…and what a year it’s going to be!! With these precious littles growing so fast, Daniel’s career change, me hoping to further my studies and do a little teaching all in a new/old home town!!!


2 Responses to “trying to get back into BLOGGING!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    great to here all is well, glad Daniel had a good first day, look forward to hearing from you more often.

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