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Mini – Me!!! 14/06/2010

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I have been sewing  A LOT lately, not time wise, but consistant little spurts, and am really loving the creativity. Of course nothing is interrupted with little ones about, and Zahara is really wanting to spend valuable time with just Mumma. So as I was sewing some things for the new bubba she decided she wanted to sew for her ‘baby’ Strawberry. I gave her the pattern and she set to work…….The results

Isn’t she clever!! I am so proud!
And here she is with the giraffee I made for our little one….

I am going to make more….so cute and simple, lots of babies are coming into world and I think these are fantastic, personal presents.

And a baby bump update to keep you in the link….


2 Responses to “Mini – Me!!!”

  1. pippi Says:

    Love those giraffes… finally updated my blog… look at the cool material ive found! wheeee.

    • Susie Fletcher Says:

      Hey San

      i have just seen those Giraffes on a fb page – a girl is making & selling them!!! I was going to get you one for Darcy, but never got around to it (story of my life at the mo :/) – so lucky i didn’t!!!!!!!

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