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Missing in action…..I’m BACK!!! 26/05/2010

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I am so sorry I have been beyond slack with my blog, something I am regretful of, but at the same time have a FANTASTIC reason as to why!!!

We are having another baby!!!!! I am 23 weeks pregnant, with our due date late in September! YEAH!!!

I was so terrible sick for about 15 weeks, and of course this was the beginning of me getting out of the reggular blogging mode.

SO where to start with a catch up??

Our vegie patch has been moved over closer to the fence, to clear room for a cricket pitch and we are letting it rest at the moment with only a few little beans and egg plant growing. Zahara decided to make a Scarecrow to protect the garden, and with Dadda’s help created this

How cute are they!!

Recently we also went to a cousins wedding and her is our update family profile


One Response to “Missing in action…..I’m BACK!!!”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Great to see you back!
    Looking forward to some more posts

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