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Our Christmas 2009 07/01/2010

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We had our first ever Christmas at our house since we began our relationship, 10 years ago! I informed everyone a year ago we were having  Christmas here.

We ended up with 35 for lunch, all family, and we had fun!

Opening Christmas presents!!

Our grand table setting, the weather was beautiful, with the dependable Lawrence breeze!!Bree, Miranda and Zahara…….Zahara is the cousin in common here (I made the hat and Christmas skirt she is wearing!!)

The whole group shot

The rabbit got A LOT of attention!!

PHEW!!!! Lots of fun, now to get over the excitement!!


One Response to “Our Christmas 2009”

  1. Looks like loads of fun…nice that we share so many family members!!!
    ps nice hat that z is sporting…

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