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Naughty me 03/12/2009

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I have been so terribly slack in my updates and am aware of it!

Lots and Lots has been happening her, as per normal so I really am unsure of what to say! In fear of saying too much and boring you all.

Zahara got herself a new little friend called Froggy, a little Dwarf rabbit, and apart from not wanting to hold it as it scratches, they seem to have a friendship together. I hear her across the yard talking to her.

Our chickens have settled in and seem very happy to be here with us producing 2-3 eggs a day! It is so very exciting to lift up the hatch lid and see little eggies sitting all snug in the nest. I have to pace myself and not check all the time

Our garden is also producing lots of yummy things with beans, cucumbers like crazy, mint and lettuce. Still waiting for our corn, carrot and beetroot.

We had a weeding day yesterday, they grow well too! And Zahara  and I were thriled to see a few tiny rockmelon and watermelon growing. Now to keep the bugs and Jarrahson away!

Zahara also celebrated her Pre School graduation and was so lucky to have such a beautiful night, although she was sad that her Aunty Rue Rue, Uncle Non, Moo and Deorge could not be there, undestandable I think as they live 8 hrs away!

Can you believe we are getting ready for  BIG school??? I can’t, nor do I want to believe it!

So there you go a round up of the last fortnight, and to finish the post I will add a beutiful shot of some of the flowers from our garden, delicious in colour!


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