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Our garden part 2 13/11/2009

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So now we have a huge garden bed full of freshness just waiting to be big enough for us to gobble up! Down the end of the garden bed is where the chickens will be, if the rain ever stops and allows up to dig the last hole!038

In our garden we have corn, carrots, beetroot, brocolli, peas, rockmelon, strawberries, tomotoes, chives, sage, celery, zucchini, lettuce and cucumber. I just can’t wait till it all gets to the point of eating!




Zahara’s flowers are thriving with all the rain and it’s so cheery to see the look on her face as she counts all the new flowers, sometimes a few times a day.



Some sort of little flower, thanks to Granny and her treats for Zahara, we can come home from a day out and find new seedlings under the tap, it’s so cute!033

And one of my favourite flowers, we had at our wedding, frangapani……



Hopefully soon I can show you the chickens and maybe a bunny rabbit!!


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