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Our Garden transformation 12/11/2009

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I have been meaning to update you on our garden for some time now……we just love our garden, or more so its potential. We have a huge block of land with fertile ground just wanting to produce.

Firstly we had to remove a number of smaller bushy shrubs to let the light stream through and help our vegies grow. Poppy has a backhoe, job much easier!!014

We also has to demolish the ‘car port’ that didn’t even fit a car in it!001

and we were left with this004but then the boys just HAD to mow the lawn!006

The story behind the mower is that Dh’s motto in life is “if it’s worth having, it will be found on the side of the road”

And that is where he got this mower. For $100 on the side of the road. He brought it home, tinkered with it and has it going like a charm. as soon as the kids hear it start up they are running out to the shed and fighting over a turn.

Zahara loves the freedom of steering it by herself.

I will get some updated shots of the vegie patch and the flowers we have growing! So very exciting and rewarding


One Response to “Our Garden transformation”

  1. gotta love the dad and son shot on the lawn mower…every dad and son need one of those photos

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