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I am now mature and sensible…REALLY??? How boring! 01/11/2009

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Well our holiday was cut short by my dear Husband, much to my dissappointment, but he said it was not open for discussion and I had to trust him…and I did!
I woke Thrusday morning ( I am not a morning person) to the demands ” you have 20 mins to pack your bag and we are leaving!”

OHHHHHH!!!! I was so excited, 20 mins! I can’t get it all done by then….little did I know that after I fell asleep the night before Dh packed everything, kids clothes, food and all!! oh, and the surf board! of course!!!

I was SUPER impressed when the family birthday banner was remembered by DH!!009

Then we packed the belongings and the bikes and he typed into my new GPS (present from my MIL and FIL) Alexandra Heads…I was so excited, a beach escape for my 30th!

The resort was so beautiful, family friendly and central to everything. Zahara took us to the shops as she had chosen a birthday present for me, pearl earrings! I was so stoked, and she was so very excited.

I should mention I got my big present from Dh a few days earlier…..a beautiful ceremic water purifier, something I have been requesting for years now. And the water tastes so pure.

On the day of my actual birthday Dh took us all up to Montville, in the mountains where we wondered through the unique shops and had yummy lunch.007

The next day while Jarrahson was asleep and Dh was swimming with Hara I was relaxing on the balcony eating some yummo chocolate when I saw my most beautiful friend come around the corner…..I was crying, tears of joy and thankfullness, I am a lucky girl!!

I still can not believe that Dh organised for my beautiful friends to come the 3 hr treck, and that my beautiful friends came all that way to share my birthday! I am so very lucky and feel so fortunate to have them in our lives, they are priceless and I love them to bits xxxxx after my friend arrived we went for a day of op shopping….now I mean these op shops were HUGE. I suffered nervous sweat and E suffered butterflies, we were so very overwhelmed, but it was all worth it in the end when we arrived home to show our Husbands our fantastic finds!


Overall I had a great 30th and although I was not too keen on turning 30 it is really just a number and I have to say this is the happiest birthday i have ever celebrated, and that’s a BIG call as all my birthdays have been memoriable. TO be surrounded by my wonderful husband, 2 precious children and my bestest friend in the world!014




2 Responses to “I am now mature and sensible…REALLY??? How boring!”

  1. Becka Says:

    So great to hear you had such a wonderful birthday! A whole new decade! Although it was a bit daunting, its exciting too hey? x

  2. NIna Says:

    Wow what a lovely birthday surprise for you!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and so nice of your hubby to organise it all for you. xoxoxo

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