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Home from holidays and hard at work 19/10/2009

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After freezing our buts off in Stanthorpe we headed (gladly) back to the coast for a day of fun fun FUN with our beautiful friends at Australia Zoo.

Not sure what is going on……just click on the more tag to see all the pictures!

A Family photo! How delicious are our children!036The koalas were by far J’s favourite animal, and we saw a newborn baby koala!053Here is a pic of our big girl with our friends big boy. Our kids met while they were in their Mummies tummies! We are soul sisters and I love our friendship012We got to feed the emelphants in the morning and the afternoon, they are my favourite animals and I was so so happy to get so close to them.

I made the skirt I am wearing from a recycled sheet!!020

At the end of the day the kids were Knackered, they had to back it up with an engagement party that night! Poor party animals!054We are home from our holiday and getting stuck into the house, working on our garden and chicken house. In my next post I will add some progress photos… so exciting!


One Response to “Home from holidays and hard at work”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Glad your back, will catch up soon

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