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Our road trip 09/10/2009

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Well we are on day 6 of our road trip and really having such a lovely family time..

We started in Bellingen for our beautiful friends wedding …Chelle looked like a timeless, classic bride with her beautiful little miracle baby bump all snug in vintage looking lace. It was such a lovely setting and everyone seemed to really have a great time. Sadly my night ended with a projectile vomit…..NO!! Before you think terrible drinking habits on my behalf I swear I did not have a single drop of alcohol…seems I had a miragraine, something that is happening more and more these days YUCK!!!

Then we hopped from national park to National park, experiencing the true roughing it…Zahara rthought in the beginning we were joing about bush wees, now she want to bush we in the main street!

We are now in FREEZING cold Stanthorpe and looking forward to getting to the coast tomorrow not only to see my delicious friend and her precious family, but to get some sun on us!!

It’s odd for us to go away on holidays and not spent the whole time getting a tan…I think we will go home whiter then we left!

Here’s some pics to share…..more to come with Australia Zoo on Saturday!



One Response to “Our road trip”

  1. Nina Says:

    Looks like you’ve had an awesome holiday! I have a picture of Keeley almost exactly the same as Z in the tub when we were camping…very cute 🙂

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