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The Boy gets a new hat! 01/10/2009

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I have a thing about buying new patterns, they are so expensive, tend to only get used a few times, and are made on a tonne of paper. It also meets my love of op shopping so I tend to get them second hand, borrow them, or make patterns off clothing I already have.

I attempted to make Zahara a hat awhile back and it was a distaster! Bless her, she loved it declaring it was a chef hat! And YES it does get worn every time we cook. I had another shot and YIPPEEE! It worked out! I will have to post a photo of it another time as she is ‘resting’ at the moment.

So I was desperate to make Jarrahson one as he needs a bigger size and they are not handed on very often from others. I refused to pay for one.

So I set about with a pattern, and with my ever patient husband’s help we did it and we are so happy with the results!


So much so that I made another one last night, this time with a wider brim and thicker material.


I also made the kids (and their 4 cousins!) some quick and simple capes, nothing fancy here, but I just HAD to post this full flight picture of Jarrahson! How sweet is this.007

We are heading off on the weekend on a camping very exciting and looking forward to some family time, been a long time coming, Dh only took 4 days off when Jarrahson was born some 14 months ago!

Along the way we are meeting with my dearest friend and seeing her sweet little boy and precious new baby girl…..I have made a little gift for her, some new bibs, sweet prints and practical!



more to come….look out for some ‘on the road’ updates as we travel this great land of ours!



2 Responses to “The Boy gets a new hat!”

  1. That hat is so precious!
    T will love the bibs, such a great idea for a gift. Wish my girls were babies again!!

  2. Deanne Says:

    I love the hats. Ardon Rose needs a new hat. I might need to borrow the pattern.

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