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a few things to share! 27/09/2009

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I have a few bits and bobs I need to share with you.

Firstly something a bit funny. When we moved into our new house in the garden, right near the front door was this emu, ugly and in the road. We are getting sewage connected and one of the workers commented on the emu. We had placed ‘Esme” as I called her, out the front fence as we wanted her to ‘fly’ down the street. We had even thought for funnies to put her on Dh’s aunty and uncle’s lawn! Well the sewage worker LOVed her. I told him if he could lift her, he could have her……here she in on the journey to her new home!


Quite some time ago I made Zahara this dress, 002001it was a single sheet I got from the op shop. I used the bottom of the sheet to make the scollop detail…I am very pleased how it all worked. What she insisted on was a house inside the she is ‘showing’ the house!004


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