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Summer is on its way!! 16/09/2009

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Spring is in the air and summer is on its way.

Today we went to a friend’s house (mad chook lady!) and learn a lot about chickens. We have ourselves some fertile eggs and a friends clucky chicken to sit on them for us!

It’s truely amazing as we will be away when they are due to hatch so as long as they are turned twice a day and not refrigerated we can wait upto 2 weeks before we put them under a Mumma! which means not only will we be back from our holidays but it will be the day before my 30th birthday! How exciting is it!!

To celebrate spring my sewing has taken on a new look, I am craving all things floral and light.

I made Zahara this beautiful headband…so quick and simple, and so sweet..her hair is getting so long. I have made one for me too, and some for birthday presents.


With summer in mind the little ones have also started to want icy poles…another season, another icy pole holder! This is so crazy simple to whip up with a seconds plea (PLEaseeeee Mumma!) but they are ever so handy, it saves the kiddies hand from freezing and you from having to wash a thousand washers!It was so exciting that Jarrahson is big enough to have one this spring




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