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Fabric buckets 13/09/2009

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I have been wanting to make these fabric buckets for quite some, but haven’t had the material jusmp out and say “use me!” So I kept putting it off.

Then I ‘found’ the inner red material in my material pile and just knew I had to make it the liner on some funky buckets.

They are actually quite fiddley to make, with lots of ironing and small seam, but if I make a few of them I am certain I will get the idea.

Remember if you like any of my products I share here, I am able to make them for you, in your colour choice ….or for a gift, just email me




4 Responses to “Fabric buckets”

  1. Nina Says:

    Wow Sandra, you sure have been busy!! I absolutely love everything you have shown here, the fabric buckets are great and the little dicky birds! You are so very creative, your house (from what I have seen here) sounds like a beautiful home and I’m sure you will have fun decorating! xo

  2. Rochelle Says:

    Well done San. The buckets look great! You are very clever! Looing forward to seeing you soon xx

  3. Bec Says:

    Sandra these look excellent!! Did you make up the pattern or is it one you can buy? I’d love to try making some of these for the kids toys!

  4. These are such a great gift idea. And they have so many uses too. Love the flowers, so sweet!
    Hey isn’t it MY birthday soon???

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