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I sell everything I sew! 09/09/2009

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I thought I should also let you all know that I am willing and able to sew and sell all the products you see here…..if yo uhave a fav shirt you can’t part with but don’t wear I can reconstruct it for you!
Also the little birdies and camera cases are for sale…everything is!


I also wanted to add onto this post a little outfit I made for J to wear our nephews Naming day…it is so very cute and a little baby outfit, I just really am not a fan of how little boys clothes are covered with skulls and crossbones! Innocent all the way!


Trying to get a decent photo is a challenge! and on the hanger it looks nothing.


2 Responses to “I sell everything I sew!”

  1. This is such a sweet little outfit. And to think you recycled the material is fantastic.

  2. Helen Morris Says:

    I agree completely Sandra!! I want my baby to be a baby for as long as possible!!

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