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Dickie birds 02/09/2009

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Well we have settled into our new house and are so happy and in love with the whole setting….the polished floors, high ceilings, cute windows and the land…oh the space! We are so so happy.

To top things off I have got a new sewing machine….my first sewing machine was an old cheapo to make sure that sewing was a thing I wanted to do long term and not just a fad.

Well my new machine is devine! I am happily putting in zips, doing button holes and sewing with tricky materials….things I usually avoided!

I have heaps to share but will pacethings out so you don’t get overwhelmed!

As for the dickie birds I mentioned in the title I got the idea from here

It was a simple, but fiddley project I was determined to complete before we moved into our new home.

009007When I am changing Jarrahson’s bottom he looks up to the corners of his room and says bah bah (means tweet tweet I hope!). I do love the fact that they are made from natural (scrap!) material as I am trying to have all my children’s toys to be natural fibres.

Speaking of which I also whipped up these bean bags for the kiddies.016014

J loves to throw ANYTHING and after Z being hit in the head one time too many I made him some beanbags to toss…they are a hit.

I simply took some scrap fleece material, cut our shapes from more farm scrap material, sewed these onto 1 side of the fleece. Placed the squares right side together, leaving a gap for turning I sewed around the outside. Turned them right side out filled with sushi rice…..more textured then plain rice! and sewed together the gap….ta da!!

Like I said a lot more to come….including a dress from a mans business shirt, a birthday banner and baby booties!


2 Responses to “Dickie birds”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    oh I love those birds! they look awesome!

  2. When I get my studio I shall order some of the birds, they are beautiful.

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