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STILLLLLL missing in action! 29/07/2009

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Well we are STILL not in our home! The sellers have asked for an extension, which they are legally entitled to do so we have another 3 weekd till we move in. Thank God for our MIL and FIL putting us up in their home.

My sewing has been almost non existant with the school holidays, moving and just general Mum tiredness. Although yesterday I made little J a pair of pants and am in the process of making a kitchen mat for our new home. Will share pics soon!

My list of things to create in the next 3 weeks, ready for our move and housewarming party!

* Pot holders

* apron for me and Daniel for BBQing

* transform the sheet I op shopped into a new shower curtain

* a ‘birthday’ suit for Jarrahson!

Here’s some photos to share for interest sake

Happy First birthday Jarrahson! Licking the beater after making his birthday cake!




In the bath with his sister and cousins….note the peace sign!LOL!!


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