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MIA (Missing In Action) 14/06/2009

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Ok, ok so I have been a little missing of late…… much has been going on and so much more is to come!

I have got myself a beautiful new computer and have finally worked out how to download photos and have HEAPS to share!

Firstly we are moving! Yes the 2nd time in 6 months…this time is for good! We have brought a home to have forever, in the area we wanted to be, where our children will go to school. We move in 2 weeks in with our In laws, bless them, for a few weeks until our house settles.

anyway….as for sewing I have been creating like a mad women! I am so enjoying creating all things beautiful. I won’t bombard you with too much, for now I will leave you with a sling I have modified for my precious little man (and your baby too, if you are interested, just let me know!).

Here is a photo from last night when we met with friends for a winter bomfire on the beach with toasted marshmellows of course!



2 Responses to “MIA (Missing In Action)”

  1. That is such an awesome sling! it looks so warm and cozy for J!!

  2. Just discovered your web blog on technorati today and I have to say I like it! Bookmarked it and may be returning to check it out more later.

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