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Sew very addicted! 15/05/2009

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I am so very excited! And so very addicted….to sewing that is!

Everywhere I look their is another sewing opportunity and I am flustered with sew much to do and sew little time. The minute the kiddies are asleep I literally run to the sewing machine and start to create, poor Husband! At least it has spurred him on to learn some more guitar tunes and we are physically in the same room and talking when the machine is not running or the guitar strumming!

I have completed a beautiful little dress for Zahara…her material choice, hippiness is bred into her!


And when we went to ‘the big shops’ as Zahara calls anything more then our piddly little shops here, I went NUTS and got some the most beautiful and funky materials, I made some new undies last night


I also made Husband some cotton boxers from the sheet I made myself a pair of pants from. Zahara thought it was so very wonderful! A matching Mummy and Daddy.

Mother’s Day was a beautiful day as always, I am a very lucky Mummy and wife, this Mother’s day was by far the happiest ever with 6 arms firmly wrapped around me.IMG_5088


I was spoilt with a yummy breakfast out and take away dinner watching the the full moon rise over the ocean……how cute is my little family!

So on the list to still creat:

Husband is in need of more boxer shorts, I have made him a pair from the same material as my recycled sheet cute we have matching pants from a sheet!

A cousin is turning 4 next week, I think a cooking apron would be lovely

more undies for me and my post 3rd baby butt!

And of course more pants for the baby…I love to make little pants

here’s my materials to choose from…YUMMY!!


sorry about how terrible my shots are, I so desperately would love a new camera, dreaming!!!!


3 Responses to “Sew very addicted!”

  1. NIkki Says:

    Well done Sandra, you’ve inspired me to unpack the sewing machine and try my hand at sewing, although I have no patience and have never been good at sewing so I’m not sure if I should waste my time… but I’d love to be able to make a little pair of pants like you have for J, how clever you are.

  2. Nina Says:

    I agree Sandra, you are so inspiring! I can’t wait til our life has settled down a bit (will that ever happen??!) and I want to get out my sewing machine too and have a go (I’m nowhere near as good as you are!). But I want to have a go at making some simple things.

    Glad you had a wonderful mother’s day – you deserve it!! 🙂

  3. I need some of those undies please! Must get my order in! Love all the new products here!

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