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What a busy (dramatic!) time we have been having! 10/05/2009

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They say bad things come in 3…well we are done
1. My husband looks like he has contracted Ross River Fever from a mosquito bite (waiting on bloods to confirm!)
2. We all (minus the baby….good old breastmilk!) had the 24 hour vomitting bug and finally
3 Little Zahara fell from the slippery slide and broke her arm! Here she is the following day at a friend’s birthday party…life goes on!IMG_5087

And for this little friend’s birthday present Zahara and I had lots of fun creating a personalised flag banner for him


In other things creative I have been just loving converting things old into things new….I took this shirt that I got in a $5 clothing bin and made little J a pair of funky duds from the sleeves. literally a 5 minute sewing job

from this


to this

IMG_5081How very cute are they! and I have enough laterial to make something else…not sure what!

I have been busy creating a number of other things, some to sell, some to give and some to keep….I will have to post them ASAP…..headbands, skirt to pants, cushions and EVEN a pretty sling for Z! LOL!!!!

For now I will leave it there and get this tired little soul of mine to sleep



One Response to “What a busy (dramatic!) time we have been having!”

  1. Nina Says:

    Oh no! Sounds like you guys have had a very busy and not-so-nice time of late! Hoping things look up for you all now. Love J’s duds!!! So cool.


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