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Creative Children 06/05/2009

Filed under: material,smarty pants,wahm,work at home mum — Arms full of love @ 1:29 am

Today is a rainy day and after lunch we are off to the local show… to keep a 4 year old sane between now and then? A bag full of ‘scraps’ (I am reluctent to call them scraps as I use almost all my materials in some way!).img_5043

And a MUCH loved baby doll who is celebrating her birthday today (again!). So Zahara made her doll a little ball out of ‘scrap’ fabric and stuffed it with more scraps! She was quite proud of herself and painted a birthday card and put it into an envelope


Now how to fill in the next three hours?


One Response to “Creative Children”

  1. Nina Says:

    Oh how cute!

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