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I love to op shop and recreate 28/04/2009

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I went the op shop on Friday without the little ones and I was surprised that after living in this area for 2 years and visiting the op shope FREQUENTLY! I found a whole section I had never taken the time to look  at….I just always rush to the toys to keep the kiddies happy!

I got some beautiful things and was soooo wishing my op shopping loving  beautiful friend Elke was with me to share my joy….oh how I miss her!

I got these beautiful napkin holders (still in their original box and plastic!), img_5023

2 wooden trains, how I love wooden toys, so does Jarrahson!img_5025

I got some beautiful clothes, one off original things, for me, Zahara and even Daniel!

I also got a single sheet, we needed some more as we only have 1 and I just couldn’t leave the material there, it captured my attention. When I was putting the clothing items in the machine to wash I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it as a sheet that would hardly be used and then covered with a blanket……so I made myself these!img_5017

So simple, took me all of about 15 mins to make and they actually fit me! Not bad for $2.50 and now what to do with the feft over material?


6 Responses to “I love to op shop and recreate”

  1. pippi Says:

    I love the pants. Idid exactly the same with really groovy doona cover. and because they are old sheets, they are sooo comfy.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    awesome. I’d make a cushion! 😛

  3. Nina Says:

    Oh I love op-shopping!! So many bargains!

    • melissa Says:

      Just love to hear of any good bargains just got one myself the other day was shopping with family in corowa and we walked into the local op shop my sister and i spotted a great little jumper for my bub my brother was told it cost 1 dollar but gave the lady all of his change instead which ended up being 3 bucks or something.A little extra to charities never goes astray.!!!

  4. lillismum Says:

    cool !!!

  5. rebecca Says:

    oh my gosh i love these pants so much

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