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Designer washable Breastpads $10 a pair 27/04/2009

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I have been sewing and selling my breastpads for some time now and they are a sure hit! Soft, reusable, absorbant and overall cheaper then disposables!
So now I have a new range on offer….designer breastpads, made from 100% designer cottons making a feminine product beautiful and pretty!
The breastpad composes of an outter layer of microfleece (super soft, non absorbant, wicking material that I also use in making my Smarty Pants Nappies), 2 inner layers of absorbant, anti bacterial bamboo and an outter layer of 100% cotton.
You can choose from any of the following designer cottons

Here is a snap of one pair I have recently passed on.



2 Responses to “Designer washable Breastpads $10 a pair”

  1. Oh they are so much nicer then the boring ones I had to use. And really love how funky they are!!

  2. Julia Says:

    LOVE them Sandra! i’m such a fan of the breastpads!

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