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Making the time 22/04/2009

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In order to make my life a little less stressed (yeah right!) I have decided to set my sewing for Smarty Pants to be souly at nights and 3 hours on the weekend.

I have found myself sewing the minute the kiddies were resting/asleep or busy playing independently. So with this in mind I have had a lovely time sewing for fun, not for work.

A beautiful special friend of mine welcomed her 2nd child, a precious girl into the world on Moday and I got sewing like a mad aunty would! I made her a simple throw blanket, flannelette on one side and shabby purple on the otherimg_4933a wetbag for soiled clothing/cloth nappies and am hoping to get the chance to make her a little pair of pants, like these ones I made my possums!

Zahara L.O.V.E.S her pants img_4930and has ordered another pair with all stars, little purple frill (twist arm…OK!). As for Jarrahson’s I think I will get busy making him a few pairs of these, so soft and warm.img_49281

All these were made from material I have had sitting in my ‘will be useful one day ‘pile….and so they have been!

As for Smarty Pants sewing…I am F.L.A.T chat…good but busy. With our trip away this weekend I am going to miss the Bangalow markets which is a shame, but it will give me the chance to catch up…..hopefully!


One Response to “Making the time”

  1. I really love those little pants, hope you are going to add them to your products list! I know 2 girls here that would love them too!!

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