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Smarty Pants Wetbags $10 15/04/2009

So what do you do with your dirty Smarty Pants nappies if you are out and about?

You put them in your waterproof, beautiful print Smarty Pants wetbag. These bags are made from waterproofed PUL materials and are big enough to fit in about 3 nappies. It is secured with velcro to keep the nappies and the smell in.

Simply wash with your nappies and hang inside outo to dry! This means no more ugly disposable plastic bags, great for the environment and saves you $ over time, not to mention the materials are so very cute (we actually have a few of these bags in a larger form for wet swimmers to come home!).smarty-pants-012


2 Responses to “Smarty Pants Wetbags $10”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Oh I love the monkey print!! You’ll be hearing from me.. 🙂

  2. melissa Says:

    very good idea not only will it save money but also the environment

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