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Designer Smarty Pants Modern Cloth Nappies 23/03/2009

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I just had to share an order I am about to post off to QLD (enjoy Becky). I would love to keep these for my little boy…oh well. This package of designer nappies (medium in size) and bamboo inserts cost $154.



2 Responses to “Designer Smarty Pants Modern Cloth Nappies”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Squee! they are gorgeous. can’t wait to get them and hope he fits in right away!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    The first time Rian wore his SmartyPants he only had it on for 10 minutes… let’s just say the leg banding keeps things in, lol.
    I love the fit, so much trimmer than another brand I’ve been using.. will take some pics of him in them soon 🙂

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