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How I got started on MCN’s and how Smarty Pants was born 16/03/2009

My little girl, Z, toilet trained very young with the encouragement of her bigger cousins. I was battling with her to wear nappies to sleep times as she was now a big girl. So I started putting her in “Pull Ups”, and they are so very expensive and only hold 1 wee and had to be changed continually.

Just before we had Z I joined an online parenting group and made ‘friends’ with a number of beautiful people. I met one particular beautiful, soulful and Mother Earth friend, M. I was mentioning my discust with Pull Ups and the drama I faced with the costs and the inconvience and mentioned about trying Z in cloth. As it turned out M was a sewer and owner of some beautiful designed MCN’s and kindly offered to send Z some as a present. I was so very excited, as was Z and she was happy to wear them, especially because they had a frog and cat on the bottom!

This was the beginning of my love for cloth, for the environment, the cute factor and the $ factor. I went about buying a variety of different nappies and studied how they were made and tried to think of better, cheaper ways to make a MCN. I wanted all Mums to be able to afford cloth and to develop more of a love for protecting the environment and thier babies little bottoms.

I started making nappies for friends to try, and so longed to have a little bundle to put a clothy on! Along came our beautiful son and after going through the cloth cycle with him I have changed and modified my nappies to be what they are today Smarty Pants.

Here’s a photo of my friend’s little boy, R, in his Smarty Pants, talk about coming full circle!smartypants1


2 Responses to “How I got started on MCN’s and how Smarty Pants was born”

  1. Rebecca Says:


  2. I feel a bit honored to have introduced you to MCN! The Smartypants nappy you sent R really is divine. I love the fabric and the easy of use and Hooray! Quick drying time! Thanks so much for it, Sandra. You are the woman!

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