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Blowing your own trumpet (Smarty Pants slings and nappies) 06/03/2009

To go into business has been a HUGE step for me, the timing has been an question, the upfront money a risk and the work load a stress!
But overall I think I am getting the hang of it, the hang of blowing my own trumpet, and almost everywhere we go I get a comment on how beautiful my children are, and of course I agree, they are so very Yummy! And I also get comments on my nappies. Once upon a time I used to smile and say, “They are cute!” Now I am open and say “I make them myself and sell them too!!”
Most people are interested and I have passed on my blog address or got their details! It pays to be a little modest at times.
I want to thank everyone for their support, it has been a huge leap, one that has been made easier with your support.

Particularly I want to thank my sister for her beautiful photography and guidance on starting a blog.

Thanks to my patient and loving family, my husband, for doing the pricing and being my chief cutter outterer. To my precious little girl for her ‘help’ and love of sewing with Mummy, her excitement is infectious! To my precious litttle man for letting my try out all the nappy styles and shoving him in a sling time after time! And to my giving, talented and loving Mother-in-law for all her time and love!


One Response to “Blowing your own trumpet (Smarty Pants slings and nappies)”

  1. I would have it no other way. I love the nappies, and photographing the most beautiful little man in them!!
    I know smartypants are going to get huge!!

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