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Smarty Pants Slings are here!! 23/02/2009

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img_4779Here is my Smarty Pants Sling!!!

The features of the sling include:

* easy to use from newborn to toddler

* versitile, use as an over the back sling, or as a traditional shoulder ring sling

* able to breastfeed baby while out and about

* able to be used by all size Mums and Dad’s, fully adjustable

* comfortable with majority of the weight being evenly distributed over the sholders or in the middle of the lower back

* beautiful, bright, long wearing materials

* The rings are able to take upto 100kg of weight!

* washable

* can be used for a trolley strap, or over the handles of the dirty trolley

Below is a step by step illustration of how to put the sling on for use on a baby upto about 7 mths (My little man illustrated is 7 mths old). It might look detailed but after a few turns of putting the sling on it becomes second nature. smarty-pants2

And here is the more traditional shoulder ring sling



I used my sling this way with my daughter untill she was over 2 years of age!

For $50 (+P&H) you can grab yourself a funky Smarty Pants Sling an wear your baby close to your heart

Just email me for more details or orders



2 Responses to “Smarty Pants Slings are here!!”

  1. These slings are so versatile I don’t know how I lived without them! I recently bought one and not only do I love it, but my baby does as well. Great product, I recommend it to any parent.

  2. Flick Says:

    Sandra – we love our sling!!! Thank you soooo much. Stella is now 10 months but I can see we will continue to get a lot of use from it for a long time to come. (And it’s a bonus that it looks so pretty!!!)

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