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So how do I buy Smarty Pants? 18/02/2009

Step 1

Choose your size

Step 2

Choose your outter material, from either Minkee (super soft, super cute), Printed PUL (hard wearing, long lasting and beautiful prints) or designer cotton (100% cotton, breathable, funky prints)





Designer cotton


Step 3

Choose your number….this is a guide only and can vary

A newborn baby can go through 12 nappies a day easily! As your baby gets older this will drop to 6-8 nappies a day.

If you want to wash every second day you will need

# 24 nappies for a newborn baby

#15-24 nappies for an older baby

If you wash everyday you will need

# 12-15 nappies for a newborn

10-12  nappies for an older baby

Step 4

Contact me at to discuss payment and material choices

Currently I have a 2 week turn around on orders. Please note that postage, if applicable, is at buyers expense.


3 Responses to “So how do I buy Smarty Pants?”

  1. Nina Says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Wow I love the new designs and colours, such beautiful material. I think I will definitely be having to buy some new ones for this next bub!!

    You are such an inspiration, wish I could sew that well!

    Anyways, just thought I’d pop by and say hi. 🙂 Nina xx

  2. Fantastic new range! Love the bright colours. I must add to my collection!

  3. melissastampa Says:

    Hey there gorgeous lady. I really love the retro style to your patterns. Your so clever and funky. Love you. xxx

    PS, I’ll be putting in an order for one of those birdie print ones. Love it!

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